A Beautiful Hell, Book Props: Todd Clary

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One of my long-time partners in deviance has put together a book that may make you think twice about having children and marriage, and then thin twice about that, again. The book is "A Beautiful Hell," by Todd Clary and you can buy it Here.

I had the privilege, if not endurance, to be the editor on this book. Having been around for many of the stories he writes about in his book, well, made editing a bit more personal and fun. I even got all teary-eyed at one of the stories even though I'd heard it the day after it happened. Todd is that good at coloring in the picture of life whether it be with whit and humor at the absurd or cuttingly profound at the beautiful - all of which makes for a beautiful hell.

So go buy it. You will not only be glad you did, you will want to share it with friends... as I am with you.