Gypsy LIfe

Autumn walk
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I’m leaving town for near a month.

In the last few days I am noticing how much I will miss home. The fall colors, the cooler temperatures, all the makings of a season, making it beautiful. I know when I return there will be no more leaves and, possibly, a ground covered in snow. Like Will Knot in William Wharton’s novel, ”A Midnight Clear”,“I’m having my usual trouble, noticing how beautiful the world just when I might be leaving it.”

Granted, I am not leaving in his since of the word, but I am leaving the world that is closest to home as I’ve had. Oddly enough some of where I will be traveling will take me back into the home of my past, into my roads and towns that I ventured when I was a little boy. Some of it will be travels into places I haven’t seen since I dated a gal from Kansas City and drove out to Indiana for a friend’s wedding with her, a trip that after it was over seemed to seal the end of that relationship.

I must admit I am conflicted. In the leaving I will miss tons of that is going on here, the friends I live my life with day-to-day, along with the seasons change. That is sad. Yet, I will be seeing places I’ve not seen in years, spending time with other friends – some of whom I’ve not seen in years, also. Not to mention all the new people I will meet along the way.

That’s how it is, though, in adventures. You run the gamut of emotions, soaking up the unknowns, missing what you left behind, but not so much that you miss what is right in front of you. And there is something always good about leaving that makes returning all the more sweet. Plus, there may be something to John Gorka’s ”Gypsy Life,”: You might like the gypsy life/People love you when they know you're leaving soon/If you choose to settle in one place/You may be harder over on the ones you love/Like a tree without the growing space/You will be taking from below and from above.”

I am hoping to post updates from the road, maybe even some video from the gypsy life I will be living the next month. Stay Tuned! Here is where I will be: