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I know the world feels like it is falling apart economically…that is if you watch too much news, which I don’t. And the idea of supporting this or that new venture might seem a bit off. But there are few things worth giving to that make the world a better place regardless of what the talking heads say.

First off is Musana Children’s Home. Three gals in their early 20s saw a load of children in squalor and instead of talking about how awful it is, or getting caught in despair, they did something about it… the started their own orphanage. Yeah, you heard me.

At a time when adolescence has been extended to the average age of 25, and most college students are nothing more than caricatures of Gossip Girl Andrea, Sally and Leah are changing the world. I had the chance to meet Sally and Leah as they were speaking to a living room full of middle/upper-class white folks about their orphanage. I overheard two older, business-oriented men say, “If this was us we would have developed a business plan, looked at options, raised capital, and then think about starting an orphanage. These girls did it backwards. Kinda inspiring… and humbling.”

Watch the video or click on the image. Don’t let the “God talk” in the video/story of Musana Children’s Home cause you to dismiss what’s happening here. You are human and so is each boy and girl that Sally, Leah, and Andrea are trying to help – that should be enough. So give to something concrete and REAL, give some time, some skills, and some money to this movement.

The other opportunity I want to give air to is in the artistic realm. My old friend Eric Peters is putting together a new album and as an indie artist is looking for you to help cover studio costs. You get more than just a warm feeling when you support this new album - you get cool stuff – and you fuel creative, non-corporate music. DONATE HERE! Eric has been writing and recording great songs for over 15 years – at least as long as I have known him. Art is not created in a bubble but is collaborative, to paraphrase Joseph Beuys And Eric’s art adds color to an otherwise jaded, drossed world. So, Change the world audibly, too, by helping him out.

Two very different ventures, I know. Yet, both end in making a little more sense out of the craziness. Check ‘em out. What are you gonna do today?