Matthew Ryan Hustles Up Like An Aviator

Music has style. Sometimes it’s dressed up in cracked leather, two packs of cigarettes, and a haggard resistance. It can come polished, hyper-saturated, scrubbed clean and last for a moment. Matthew Ryan’s latest release, Hustle Up Starlings is a mix of the rough and tumble, and hitting the showers to settle into the leather wingback, sipping a well-aged bourbon with well-earned gravitas. It carries the kind of wisdom that is threaded from blue collars and is unapologetically at ease among a white-collared company. It’s full of good tones, great melody, and the always reliable fine poetry Ryan’s known for, but more than all this there’s a sense of settledness in his music that comes with living honestly and learning to take yourself less seriously. 


Kendall RuthComment