Writing Out of The Shell

Hard choices

Almost ten years ago I started writing here as a means of learning how to write out loud , so to speak. Writing is solitary sport but often is improved by the scrutiny of other eyes. Also, there is something both freeing and frightful to publish one's own words out in the open for all to see, or ignore.

Over those ten years I have gone on to write out loud through online zines, book reviews, interviews, and many an essay. As I now write for a significant percentage of my income, I have spent less time writing the stuff I started here at The Ink. A few months ago,

The Good Men Project

was looking for writers and I saw an opportunity to write the fun, meaty stuff that I used to dish out here. In a short amount of time they have published three of my pieces plus had me on a Google+ Hangout with a cadre of inspiring men discussing what makes up for response - be it first responders or simply seeing areas where the world needs men to respond. Watch the video from the hangout titled: "5 Guys Talking: Men of Action."

I re-wrote a piece that was originally published here a few years back called, "The 3AM Card." In writing it for  TGMP, I was pushed to get into more of the gritty details and present the very real need for more of this kind of friendship amongst men. You can read the new version here:"Re-Humanizing Male Support Systems: The 3 a.m. Card"

As you can tell, I've left whatever shell I was squeezing out of ten years ago to experiment with writing beyond my self. Though I may take a hiatus here and there, it is usually because I have come to enjoy the freedom in the open air and decided to go play on another part of this ever expansive playground that seems to make up the Creative Life.