Into the new YEAR

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Already into the New Year and hitting the ground running. Though, not running as much as I would like, but that is more about giving my legs a break for a few months in the winter so I can enjoy the rest of the year.

Already, I have been in Austin for a stretch, which included a photo session with Sarah Holt Photography & Design. Sarah is an old friend from my days as a mountaineering guide. When Kit and I were considering engagement photos we decided to forgo the typical Colorado scenes and hire Sarah to do a shoot for us around Austin Texas. The results are amazing, some of which can be seen HERE.

Not in Boulder 36 hours from Austin, Kit and I headed to Black Mountain Ranch for the weekend. It was a bit of a work trip for her and Andrew Hyde, with me tagging along to snap photos of the property for future marketing campaigns. You can see some of the results of that shoot at, and on the BMR blog.

Also, I have taken on another Year in Photography project. In 2009 I carried out a variation of a 365 Project. The daily need to shoot at least one picture, if not more, changed how I saw the world around me, and my own life. Knowing there is much adventure ahead this year, I decided to make another go at it this year. I can already see how different and more precise I am in the photos I take this time around than a couple of years ago. Then, I felt like I was learning to swim in a large ocean of imagery and technique. Now I can ride the waves, seeing the best coming into the line-up, with a joyful confidence. If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with photography, taking on a photo-a-day project or a simpler once-a-week shot will push you into all the good ways of learning that is yours to receive… just pick up a camera, and get out into the great wide world.

To use a running metaphor, of course, it might feel like you aren’t much of a runner at first, but getting out on the trails or roads every other day will quickly change that perspective. Give it enough time and with a visible goal, a couch potato can run a marathon within a year!

What will you do this year that you are afraid to try? Get on with it then!

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