The Strange(r) Idea of Joy

back light, originally uploaded by iamkr.

I am inclined to explore what makes for Joy. We all too often mistake Happiness for Joy. But Joy tends to be something that goes underneath, that is there for the choosing regardless of circumstances – happy they may be or sorrowful. Paul Tillich once wrote ”Joy is nothing else than the awareness of our being fulfilled in our true being…and it is possible only if we unite ourselves with what others really are. It is Reality that gives joy, and Reality alone…Mere pleasure, in yourselves and in all other beings, remains in the realm of illusion about reality. Joy is born out of union with Reality itself.” He insist that joy – which is different from happiness – is not afraid of the deepest aspects of who we really are. I would add, because who we really are is far more than who we delude ourselves into thinking we are. And this is, after all, the season of Joy, right?

To explore what joy might look like as it comes up from underneath, I will be starting The Strange(r) Idea of Joy Project, inspired by Chris Orwig’s work, to explore what Reality can look like in Strangers through the eye of the lens, during a time of year often called “The Season of Joy.” The idea is to push myself out of my introverted ness and take at least one picture/portrait a day of someone I do not know for the month of December.

Bookmark The Strange(r) Idea of Joy and starting December 1st, a new portrait will be posted everyday, along with a collection of the previous days, until December 31st.


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