No Longer Afraid We May Succeed

You Are Beautiful
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Birthday’s are spaces of reflection and forward movement for me, increasingly so. Today started in sipping contemplative with a cup of coffee and the last lines of the movie ”Finding Forrester”: ”We walk away from our dreams afraid we may fail, or worse yet, afraid we may succeed.” Words written, spoken at the end of a life.

I could easily say that for a chunk of my life I’ve walked away afraid I may fail, and afraid more so of succeeding… afraid of what success in dreams could do to my life. But I would guess that fear came about because I didn’t trust the Source of those dreams, nor what he says about my heart and the worth of my dreams. I am still learning, discovering what dreams were dreamed in me at my conception, what Love created within me.

At thirty-seven I hope that I am less afraid of success in those dreams, that I am stepping more and more into who I was made to be. I am just starting to live… and I feel I say that every year. Maybe it will be that when I am old and dying, when the air in my lungs is used up and the number of beats allotted my heart comes to an end, I will discover I am only starting to live…
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