not alone
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My Afrikaans speaking friend Greg Lawler took this picture to the right. I keep coming back to it because it is one of those great shots that says so very much with so very little.

It’s ominous.

It’s what my life feels and looks like a lot these days… in the midst of something extraordinary and huge and vast and half unseen and beautiful, mysterious... and that can be a good thing. Another friend once said of the ocean, “I don’t like it because there are so many things you can’t see that are underneath the water. It creeps me out, especially when those unseen things brush up against my leg…” I hear what he is saying, and as a kid growing up in the ocean, I had my share of mystery contact and nibbles below the surface.

Still, there is so much of that ocean and so much to explore and mystery to play in, not to mention the unpredictability of the currents and waves. All those actual things resonate in the internal, and metaphorical, too. All those physical realties in the tangible world run far deeper in intangible emotional, spiritual realities.

Life is like this. And as the title says we are, you are, I am: “Not Alone.”
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