My Go at a Project 36(5)

Recently, I was given a new Canon G10. It’s my first true blue, fanciful digital camera. Before this everything I’ve shot was analog medium format 120 on my Holga or Diana+. So, I decided to give it go at a 365 Project - which entails taking at least one picture a day over a year, a pictorial year-in-the-life.

Only, I am doing things a wee bit different. I am titling it: Project 36(5). As I was pondering what goes into such a venture I kept saying to myself “360 project,” as in 360 degrees. It seems more fitting to say it is a 360 degree perspective of a life, since a year in any life will tend to go full circle with all its up and downs. (Plus, I know myself enough to know I will likely miss a few days and not make everyday of the year.)

The first picture was taken improv as I was sitting at a stoplight at the end of a darkly overcast day along the Front Range, when the sun dipped into that space under the clouds and before the mountains. The shot is nearly as is, no enhancements… it was that dark in front of me and that bright behind me. Seems that is often how life can be…
blowin sunshine 1:36(5)
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