How far WE've come...

Down the Rabbit Hole
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“We were in it together because of our plighting of troth, his to me, mine to him, and that was one thing. But we were together in it also because we were in it by desire, we met entirely in it… What that was and is and means is not altogether to be found in words.” From Hannah Coulter: A Novel, by Wendell berry

Mrs. Coulter is speaking about her marriage as she begins to try and explain what that has looked like over decades of life together. Ultimately, though the words fall short in explanation. It harkens to the silence that is known between two intimates, the silence that is unbroken because both know their words would only lessen such desire towards each other.

It is something I find more common now than ever in the “marriage” to Life. The silence that is actually his acknowledgement just how deep our rabbit hole already has gone.

“It’s unforgettable now that we’ve come this far.”
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