it is Life

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Being a writer I write many things in a journal of sorts that most will never see. Sometimes it takes near a year to fill one up, sometimes months. With all that has gone on this year so far, I have managed to fill one in the span of 6 months. I flipped to the front to see how it started and this is what I had written:

”For three days I have tramped the desert, have known the pangs of thirst, have followed false scents in the sand, have pinned my faith on the dew. I have struggled to rejoin my kind, whose very existence on earth I had forgotten. These are the cares of men alive in every fibre, and I cannot help thinking them more important than the fretful choosing of a night-club in which to spend the evening. Compare one life with the other, and all things considered this is a luxury! I have no regrets. I have gambled and lost… I’m not talking about living dangerously… it is not danger I love. I know what I love. It is life.” - Anoine de Saint Exupery

And I didn’t know when I wrote those words that the months to come would show me so much of life and death in so many ways literal and metaphorical. Some days the weight of it all can suffocate and other days it’s like being stripped free to breathe in deep, taking in air to places that were so stuffy and deprived of oxygen.

I know what I love.

It is Life.
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