The new face of Reid's

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In all the various universes I navigate – from writers to heads of state to revolutionaries to musicians or the hollywooders – I get a kick out of the fun stuff that happens to my friends in those universes. Aside from my brother’s children’s book based on Obama’s speech that he was able to announce last week, a friend I have written about before here is the new face of Reid’s in Austin. Erin is a wonderfully talented singer/songwriter who continues to astound me with not just her talent but her fun friendship – i.e. she wrote a song and recorded the demo all in one day yesterday and pinged me a sample when she was done. She has a DVD coming out soon enough from a sold out show at the Long Center in Austin, TX. A show I was able to be at before starting my tour last fall in cookieland. You can buy her stuff HERE. (I think she has having some kind of sale right now too:)

So below is the commercial in which she is currently being lauded all over Austin airwaves. I know somewhere down the road when she is uber-famous and on some TV interview, they will dig this up, play it, and have questions to ask. I hope it happens sooner than later:

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