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Local 1st
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I got a haircut, actually a few cut. And the gal that has cut may hair the last two times, is one of those people that is genuinely in a good mood, excited about the day. Which, considering how much I don’t enjoy barbershops, is helpful. (I used to fall asleep in the chair when I was a kid, I was so bored.) Today we got to talking about the DNC that had just left town. It seems most Denverites were 100% in the midst of the epicenter or had no interaction at all aside from the TV. I happen to live in Capitol Hill which is as close to the epicenter of the DNC as you can get without being stepped on by a protester or donkey. It’s, also, now, where quite a few Hipsters live – slowly pushing out the gay community and blue collar folks.

Well, we - Lacey (who was cutting my hair) and me – got to talking about Hipsters, Hipster hangouts, the DNC crowd, and of course Coloradans. A common question asked by visiting DNC folks to locals, when hanging out at bars, was something along the lines of, “What do you talk about if you don’t talk about politics?” Lacy and I joked that the answer is likely: some form of outdoor recreation – skiing, rock climbing, biking, etc; Beer, or repeat the question, cause I was distracted by something.

When I mentioned being at Forest Room 5 for some sorta DNC type thing, and how they had Hillary Clinton’s speech broadcast on a big wall behind the bar, next to these abstract art film installments playing simultaneously, Lacey asked if I enjoyed the art installments…. Not the speech. Cause apparently we here in CO tend to enjoy the funky cool things happening next to the main thing. For example, during a speech by Andrei Cherny,in which he was physically speaking 10 feet from me, I was mostly watching the weird 8-track player/old B&W TV installment next to me.

These may just be examples of short attention spans, but Lacey and I concluded there really is something of an odd thing about the local crowd here; that most people, at least here, don’t spend every waking moment talking about the things most people would seem to talk about. Maybe it’s the lack of oxygen, or the laid back-ness, or simply the fact that we live year round in a place that most people want to come to for vacation.

Just the random thought for the day.