Where's Karl Dot Com?

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I like to fancy myself a distance runner but there is a realm I will never touch... actually nobody in their right mind will go there, that is, except for Karl Meltzer.

Karl is running the Appalachian Trail, from Maine to Georgia. Yeah... you read that right.. running it. Not hiking it with a backpack and his mutt dog named Paco, smoking kind bud with the local AT crowd, taking his sweet ol' time over a few months. He's shooting to do the 2,100 hundred miles in 47 days. You can follow his progress at Whereskarl.com.

This, of course, makes the Denver 1/2 Marathon I am planning on running in October look like a day in the kiddie pool... guess if I bitch about it at any point I should get my ass kicked by Karl... cause I think he could do it - the ass kicking that is.

Need some humbled motivation?... go to WheresKarl.com... it's like having someone repeatedly telling you "to stick that in your pipe and smoke it, nancy boy."
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