Torn into Life

Torn into Life
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I started this painting awhile back with something completely different in mind. But as I got into it, I needed texture and that led to the butterfly prints and that led to changing the whole idea of what I intended to something that I am, now, convinced my sub-conscious was working out. It is a far darker creation than I ever set out to make.

The picture does no justice to the detail nor the size – it’s 24x24, but you can get a larger look by clicking on the picture itself - but it tells a story that I think is still being told in my day to day life, that isn’t resolved, and maybe that is why I am not sure what to call this piece. (Though Chris Mundell suggested, “Damn Butterfly’s ate my couch!”)

All said, I can’t help but be disturbed every time I look at it, because it reminds me that there are beautiful things in my darkest parts fighting to get free, and it is sometimes a result of those darkest parts that the most beautiful things, the gentle things have their birth.

Or maybe I just fear Butterflies will really eat my couch....if I owned one.

PS - I did NOT know that Damien Hirst had already done something similar, and frankly, better, when I painted this. It just happened that way:)