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Apple MacBook Pro
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The number of Mac Fanatics is legion, and I am one of them, but not to the degree of some I know (i.e Todd) All the same I can't help but give a shot out to a company that just replaced my 3 year old Powerbook G4 with a brand new Mac Book Pro - for free.(OK, they did keep my other, older, broken Mac, so not truly "free")

Yeah, yeah, I know they are coming out with a new model next month, but I would have actually had to PAY for that. Not this. The one I am writing on. Right Now. Yeah... this way faster, way better than I had before one.

PC or Mac fights can go on and on, but for a company that replaces an out of date old laptop with a brand new one and doesn't charge a dime, I will take a Mac any day.

Thanks Apple.