Counter Point

It must be Africa on the mind, lately. My friend Erin is heading to Zambia to work with orphans, (which if you live near Austin, TX she is doing a CD release/fundraiser Saturday April 12th, Here) And I continue to be fascinated with the dialogue in our Western side of the world over the continent. The latest intrigue is this speech by Andrew Mwenda at last year’s TED Talks.

There are a few things that stand out. Mwenda challenges the Western perception of Africa as a war torn, despairing, poverty stricken. Yes it is in some areas, but not all. What he gets at is how differently we respond to despair and poverty instead of hope and potential. We throw money to help the drowning, but it rarely enters our minds to give money to teach the drowning man to swim, so to speak. Which makes me ask you, what are you doing and why? What is the difference between treating the symptoms, treating the despair and creating health, creating hope?

Give the Video a go. Think it over. Comment as desired.

Though talking about Africa is a bit trendy (and there itself a Western concept) it is good that it’s not going away. I think you’d be surprised at what amazing things are going on in regards to the continent that the Media isn’t reporting…
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