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So I can’t believe I haven’t written anything before about Makoto Fukimura. He’s a brilliant Japanese artist out of New York City, got the International Arts Movement moving, has an amazing story to tell of life and art, not to mention all the respect the guy has in the arts community and from what I’ve heard one of the most down to earth, gentle people around.

An excerpt from his latest post on his blog, about van Gogh:
”The recent report on NEA's study on reading in America, "To Read or not to Read," depicts a dramatic erosion of America's reading habits (see Not only does the report give us hard data on the steep decline of reading at all levels and age groups (except the pre-teen years ... call it the "Harry Potter effect,") but it substantiates an alarming trend of communal disengagement. We are not only reading less, we are reading less well: we are not only reading less well, we are losing our capacity to focus and pay attention to the world around us with empathy.”

I couldn’t agree more.

I am challenged by this man’s way of looking at the world, art, culture, faith and our role in it all. It’s actually rather unique and in direct contrast to the current rants, hype, what have you in pop culture, politics, faith communities, you name it. So if you are reading this blog, stop and go read some of Mako’s words. He has a new book coming out called River Grace.
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