Don't Be Fooled

Sunset Vegas - 2006
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Tonight after a case here in Las Vegas, I went for a long run down the Vegas Strip. Nearly from one end to the other, catching the Bellagio right when they were kicking off the water fountain or whatever you call it - that last scene in Ocean’s Eleven.

I then turned to head back to my hotel at the Hilton. Thanks to the drop in altitude I can run fast - kinda like marsupials.The sun was setting to my right and to my left was the finishing construction on a pair of high rises mirrored with gold glass, that reflected the sunset. This right across from the Mirage Casino Hotel.

And playing on my nano was an appropriate song by a friend’s brother, Jay Clifford. The words, “Wearing out a stretch of concrete with a racing heartbeat/Trading in my years for hours, with the gods and cowards and somewhere at the end of it, where the road becomes a fence, she poised into the infinite, into the radiance, and she said, ‘Don’t be fooled... by the real thing.”

Las Vegas.

It was about then I stopped and turned from the reflection to the actual. The sunset was desert fire in all its red and orange.

This town is filled with all kinds of sensory overload, all kinds of distraction and flashes of light. The people are just as distracting. For instance, on the drive back from the hospital a guy crossed in front of us dressed in a what can only be said to be a silver fire suit, something like a cross between an astronaut jumpsuit and a NASCAR driver, with a white skull cap and white make up - he looked like a B-movie Spaceman, or crash-test dummie. And this is what is considered normal around here.

Don’t be fooled.

When I got back to my room I did something I haven’t done in godknowshowlong. I sat in a hot bath with a beer, listening to the “Otello, Act IV: Ave Maria,” sung by Inessa Galante. Between that and the run it was like being washed of the noise and false reality of this place. Never thought I’d find solace in place like this...

I could breath again.
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