Published @ Burnside Writers Collective!

Originally uploaded by Mr Azza.
The Burnside Writers Collective (BWC) has decided to publish an updated version of Intimate Silence, a piece I wrote a few months ago and posted here. The new version is called Z and can be read Here.Since BWC publishes weekly, “Z” will be available under the “General” category this week. After which it will make it’s way into the archives.

BWC is the brainchild of Donald Miller, and other writers that seem to congregate in the Pacific Northwest. Jordan Green emailed me in the wee hours of Sunday morning to let me know that though my piece is on the outer edge of the BWC voice, they thought it “great enough to not outright reject it.” So, thank you to the Collective for stepping out of the box and publishing me!

Go give it a read. Granted if you read this regularly, then you’ve read most of it;) But go anyway and support Burnside Writers Collective.