Kindle: it's more than a Name

Amazon Kindle
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Kindle, Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device, was released today. I must admit I am bit perturbed that it’s named in a similar manner to me. As if I didn’t have enough to put up with: all those years in grade school as kids yelled, “Hey, Ken Doll where’s Barbi?;” and that every other person around our town with my name was a girl. Not to mention the double curse of my surname being “Ruth;” and all the stupid “Goonies” “baby ruth!” bullshit… but I digress…

Apparently with this new electronic reader by you can hold up to 200 books, play mp3s and sometimes actually connect to web page to buy more books; and for 99 cents you can subscribe to Blogs. (Not that I see this one making the cut. The only money I make is if you buy something thru one of my Amazon links or sign-up for web hosting via the Bluehost link) It could be a cool thing. Especially if they were to have an option for it to read books to you with James Earl Jones’s voice or Sean Connery’s, (maybe Connery will yell, “Punch the keys Dammit!” when you use the keypad)

Hell, I even got a call from my mother today saying how she was certain this was a sign that I am destined to be a published writer if there is a book reader called the “Kindle.” And since the only published works I have so far are all electronic, I guess it’s appropriate. Now if I could just get an actual book published…hmmm. People could say they are reading “Kendall” on their “Kindle,” and cause all sorts of confusion.

So thanks Amazon for adding to mindless puns at my expense. Do you think you could start paying me for my troubles, maybe publish my blog and give me a cut? (what % of .99 cents would actually be mine, I wonder.)