Honestly LIVing

A Question of Passion.
I glanced down at the page and saw this line, “The most honest prayer you’ll ever hear;” said in the context of a despairing man, feeling like he was going down for the last time. A context in which anybody will cry out the most honest prayer. But what about the rest of life? Should it be any different?

It gets under my radar.

When I consider to whom most prayers are addressed, why would I not be most honest? And then add to that the reality that the honesty should be through out all avenues of life. Not just in despair. So then I wonder what it means for my life to be “the most honest prayer you’ll ever hear?” Not for your sake or so people will notice this or that aspect of something. Simply because this is what you do when you are in an intimate relationship – you live honestly with them, in all aspects of who you are. Trusting them enough to live that honestly, is quite another thing and where most of us don’t really go. How many marriages are less than they could be because trust is not a given, and so honesty isn’t safe?

But is that how things work with God?

So far I would say, “yes.” To the degree that trust becomes the water in which I swim, so does my willingness to “pray” (read: live) honestly. And they ying and yang together. Complimenting each other.

Often when people speak of God they speak of some one who demands our trust or whatever the word is that they fill in. Which is actually rather ironic that any being would demand what can only be given freely without coercion; what can only come from honesty of heart. No wonder most people who make these claims of God are people I’d rather not be around, who lack any sense of real living in them. If I am honest in my living, in my prayers, then there are times when the last thing I want to do is trust – God, you, and even myself.

So, I have the lingering question in my head, “what would it mean to live all areas of my life in the most honest prayer ever heard?” Not as asked as some check list, but as something to keep me… well… honest.