Get out of your Head and Dance

The National
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I just got home from one of the better concerts I have seen in awhile. The National are a group of wicked talent out of Brooklyn, NY. I was introduced to them a few years back by Alex Knoop via another crazy friend, Jon fritz, when I was in Minnesota.

The opener was St. Vincent, a one gal band from Dallas. She was more a performance artist than just another opening act. Brilliant creativity – visually and audibly. I think the local Denver crowd didn’t quite know what to do with her but she played well all the same.

The National came out and just nailed it. Not only were the songs tight, and the connection with audience real, they blew us away with how diverse each member is with the various instruments on stage. It is quite a thing to see a group of guys switch up and play well on different pieces at this day and age.

Why the heck do I post a piece on a band?

Simply this. For all the noise in the world about life, tragedies, this lesson or that… you just need to get out of the house and enjoy some good tunes. Life is too short to take too seriously. And yet, tonight I got to see a group that made me want to be a better artist AND I had fun. Right aftert the show, though, I met a friend at the Emergency Room as his wife had been taken for some blood test and mystery chest pains. You never know what's gonna happen.

So stop wondering if you are too old, poor, busy to go see that show you wanted to see. Do it. Cause some day you will be dead, and God will ask, “Why didn’t you enjoy it more?”