Erin Drops In for a Night!

Swept Away
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Some days the choreography of coincidences is down-right Whack. Saturday was one of those days.

My friend Erin Ivey (of whom there are two posts on The Ink promoting her music – buy her CD!) was delayed on a flight through Denver on her way back to Austin. The funny of it is, her new CD (that you need to buy) The 11th Floor literally showed up in the mail not four hours before I got a random email from her brother John saying she is stuck here in Denver. How Cool is that!?!?

So, let me give a small bit of background. Erin is initially a web-friend along the lines of Chris Mundell. Thus, getting to see her makes two web-unitings in five months – Chris being the first! Since we started chatting back and forth over the ol email and internets, I have become a huge fan of her and her music.

Well, Saturday night we not only met face-to-face, drank milkshakes at Pete’s Kitchen, but carried on a night tour of Denver – one stop:being swept away at the Denver Art Museum. (see above picture)

It’s moments like this that make me love life. You just can’t plan something as random and fun as these kind of days.

So, go buy her new CD – You will love it, trusts me – an amazing voice.

Yeah for flight delays!
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