New Years in Cali

Mundell Morning
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Since I was in Flagstaff for the holidays – and, thus, missing the burial of Denver in snow, again – I decided to hop in the car and drive over to California to see friends. I spent the New Years watching football, playing with 2-4 year old kids, and singing Neil Diamond and Journey Karaoke with a roomful of people I had met a few hours before – all this in the OC, not the TV show, but the same location.

Then, I made the drive in LA traffic up the coast to Santa Barbara to see/meet Live, in-person, Chris Mundell, my round-about-friend of a friend, web friend. After being my tour guide to Santa Barbara, Chris was uber-hospitable and let me play/hang with his astoundingly cute kids, his rockin cool wife, Jade, (and fix a fan and door knob). Who would have thought that life is so random and fun that I’d get to play with the House Mundell? Thanks Mundells.

(And, yes, I DO look like I just woke up when this picture was taken...ok..I'd been up for 30 Minutes)