Original Photo by Adam Gerick.
I came home from a run to find “Confection” by Erin Ivey, in my mailbox. So I ran upstairs, popped it in my itunes and now I am telling you about it…that’s how much I liked it. The recording gives you the feeling of a personal concert in your living room.

For all of you who are always looking for someone new to listen to, someone different than what you get on the radio – Check out Erin. She has a 5 song EP for order (limited quantity) and better than that she sounds great. There is a bit Mazzy Star or Devon Sproule in her voice, but at the end of the day she is 100% Erin.

Rumor has it she is working on a full length set of tunes for 2007, and these are some of the first recordings. Support Indie artists go buy her EP now: CONFECTION

(Oh, and her brother is an Air Guitar Champion- he was on Leno recently... talent runs in the family)
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