Phone call
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An Observation I have made in the recent days.

In the past week I have had two things happen that I honestly think have resulted in a blissful phenomenon. To put it nicely, I am once again in the “single” bracket, no longer dating anyone…AND then my commitment to my most recent employment has come to its conclusion. (Don’t you love the twists on words here?)

The result seems to be a HUGE reduction in phone calls. I think since the last day of work a few days ago my phone has only rung…ONCE! It could have rung twice if I had it on earlier this morning. But I only guess that as I had a voice mail…but no voice on the mail. A non-message leaver.

The effect seems to be that I don’t even notice that I have a phone half the time and often leave without it…and not even notice. It is as if some incessant buzzing that I slowly had grown accustomed to all of a sudden was gone. And the silence is nothing short of bliss.

It’s like all the scenes in all those films where someone has crushed, tossed, drowned their phone to get away from the demand of it…only mine has just fallen silent. Some kind of secret the government doesn’t tell you when they speak of a “No-Call List,” is that it requires you to become so insignificant to others that they won't call you anymore. If more people would lose their jobs and sigots then there would be less complaints of phone calls.

It surely has made me more aware of all the people who walk down the street with the phone glued to their ear, missing the simple joy of walking down the street, OR the lady I saw today talking to a friend on the phone while her friend with whom she was having lunch just had to sit there and act like it didn't bother her. For me, it's a short window into what life was like before the telephone, the cell phone in particular, became so central to our existance.

No wonder God seems to regularly tell us to slow down, stop and listen, turn it off and be present.

PS – and if you can’t tell, my being workless right now has led to me being able to write and post these kind of random observations.