A laughable moment at the bank the other day.

I walked up to the teller's window while she was still working on the previous transaction. She said to me, "You can come on up, I just have to finish this..." with a smile.
At which point I said, "No worries, don't want to put a gun to ya."

Instantly, I thought to myself, "where the hell did that come from?!?!" and "Did she hear that? Did some security room hear that?" And I looked up to see that each teller both had it's own camera 12 inches from my face...

I don't think she did hear it, but as I was driving away I broke down laughing in my car - the kind of laugh that starts with a chuckle and rolls into bouncing guffaw- and all by myself at the stop light. All I could think about was a storm of cops coming up behind me and me being arrested for a mistaken euphemism.

Poorly chosen words could lead to funny moments, no matter the location.