Read this and couldn't help but think this is more IT than we know:

"At the church I attend, the congregation is invited to the front of the church after each service to dip bread into wine, partaking in one of the two sacraments given to those of us who are following Christ. And yet often, as I wait in line to go to the table...I forget that the bread and wine I eat and drink are of absolutely no spiritual significance at all, that they have no more power than the breakfast I ate that morning, that what Jesus wanted was for us to eat the bread and drink the wine as a way of remembering Him...

How odd would it seem to have been one of the members of the early church, shepherded by Paul or Peter, and to come forward a thousand years to see people standing in line or sitting quietly in a large building that looked like a schoolroom or movie theater, to take Communion. How different it would seem from the way they did it, sitting around somebody's living room table, grabbing a hunk of bread and holding their own glass of wine, exchanging stories about Christ, perhaps laughing, perhaps crying, consoling each other, telling one another that the Person who exploded into their hearts was indeed the Son of God, their Bridegroom, come to tell them who they were, come to mend the broken relationship, come to marry them in a spiritual union more beautiful, more intimate than anything they could know on earth."-D. Miller

Oh, how I can already hear the cries of irreverancy and blaspheme. But if it IS about being in a love relationship, then why would we not celebrate with laughter and tears? Instead, we quietly, mournfully, sorrowfully approach the table, not making eye contact to the left or right, not laughing at all for fear that others would shame us, and nibble and sip.

A hell of a way to celebrate, I'd say. More like a funeral, less like a marriage.

Drink Deep, eat Full and Enjoy the Lover who Loves your heart more than you do.
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