How Changing My Lens on Homosexuality Rehumanizes Me


(This is the second part of a two-part essay. Part 1, titled “Learning Gay, Growing Straight”, is how we got here. Read on to see where we go from here.)

“Can you let others convert you to the Love that you truly are?” Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg

You hear something that sticks in your head — lingering, haunting, nudging — and if it’s there then it needs to be heard if you ever want to make peace and move on. When it came to homosexuality, despite all my internal and external cultural upbringing and oppositions and contradictions, it was what my college Anthropology professor posited that I had to give space to be heard, and it my changed perspective: “Could it be that gay men and women have something to contribute to the transition from adolescence into healthy adulthood that can’t be found in the complexities of heterosexual traditional roles?”

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